To apply, please contact Mehmet Belgin "" with the following:

  • An application (cover) Letter
  • A recent CV
  • Transcripts (paper or electronic) directly sent to Mehmet Belgin
  • Three reference letters (with contact information)



PACE (Partnership for an Advanced Computing Environment) provides enabling research services and consultation to GT faculty and students, particularly in the areas of high-performance computing (HPC), high-throughput computing (HTC), storage, and analytics.  This position acts as an expert consultant and enabler to faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and other researchers and knowledge domain experts regarding computational methods and architectures, including code development, debugging, parallelization, optimization, and performance tuning; scheduling and resource allocation; and effective use of high-performance storage, high-performance networking, and computational accelerators.  Leverage HPC software and application stack, including compilers, scientific libraries, and commercial applications where appropriate. Provide expert diagnosis and resolution of complex technical issues with HPC/HTC resources.

Work with the research community, providing significant collaboration in their funded and published research. Develop and maintain documentation, including configuration changes, as needed. Participate in efforts to strengthen the HPC user community, such as developing and disseminating whitepapers and best practices documents, and preparing and delivering training.  Other contributions to the HPC team may include participating in the investigation of new HPC technologies for use in successors to current HPC facilities, and providing a broad range of expertise in computational middleware, architecture, public/private/hybrid Cloud services, issues of scale and automation, system and network security and monitoring, high-performance networking, and high-performance storage and clustered file systems.

Required qualifications:

Required qualifications include

  • Expert knowledge of computational methods, architectures, current and emerging technologies, and middleware (e.g. MPI stacks, job schedulers, numerical libraries and data analytics tools)
  • Fluency in code development, debugging, parallelization, optimization, and tuning utilizing multiple programming and/or scripting languages
  • Experience with scientific libraries and applications (e.g. VASP, LAMMPS, FFTW, PETc, Matlab, Ansys)
  • Experience with high-performance network interconnects (e.g. Ethernet, InfiniBand, OmniPath)
  • Success in the position will require excellent communications skills, service orientation, and consistent follow-through; a high degree of motivation; and the ability to work well with faculty researchers and IT professionals while providing technical solutions in an advanced computing environment.
  • Applicants must be US Citizens or permanent resident

Additional knowledge, skills, and experience that are desirable, but NOT required:

  • High-performance storage and clustered file systems
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux system administration experience
  • Experience in cloud implementations using OpenStack