Storage Architect (Research Technologist)

To Apply:

(1) Fill the application form 

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Paul Manno
PACE Team, ART/OIT, Georgia Tech
via fax: 
(404) 385 9548 (Attn: Paul Manno)

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258 4th Street NW, Rich Building, #329 
Atlanta, GA  30332-0700

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PACE (the Partnership for an Advanced Computing Environment) enables discoveries by providing the necessary bridge between state-of-the-art cyberinfrastructure and world-class scholars, revealing a powerful combination of the two. We facilitate research efforts and foster strategic partnerships to provide Georgia Tech researchers with an unrivaled advantage, empowering them to lead their disciplines for the advancement of science and society across the globe.

The PACE team is seeking a Storage Architect to work in collaboration with Georgia Tech researchers and their groups in development, enablement, and adaptation of secure data storage technologies to complement advanced research computing capabilities at Georgia Tech. This position will design and integrate new and existing storage platforms as part of a broad portfolio of research cyberinfrastructure services.

We collaborate closely with faculty, their teams, and IT professionals across campus to develop federated cloud solutions that efficiently address the needs of a diverse array of faculty and students, with particular focus on performance, security, and shared expertise. This collaboration requires the storage architect to work efficiently with teams internal and external to PACE, including vendors.

We seek candidates with a broad set of technical experience with storage technologies.  Relevant skills include, but are not limited to: IBM SpectrumScale (formerly known as GPFS), ZFS, swift, ceph, and AWS S3.

We will have a strong preference for a candidate who is passionate about discovering and devising creative solutions for seamless integration of storage technologies into existing highly complex computing environments and workflows, coupled with method reproducibility. This will require experimentation, deployment of proof-of-concept platforms, and detailed documentation.

Required qualifications:
  • US Citizen or permanent resident
  • 3 years of relevant work experience
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Broad experience with storage technologies
  • Deep understanding of parallel storage technologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Good command of UNIX/Linux and mainstream scripting languages
  • Ability to work in a team environment  
  • Ability to collaborate with internal/external teams and vendors
  • Ability to oversee complex and recurring cycles of design, evaluation, and troubleshooting of technical solutions
  • Excellent troubleshooting and methodical experimentation skills
  • Strict compliance to cybersecurity policies and regulations to support workflows with expert controlled software and datasets
Additional knowledge, skills, and experience that are desirable, but NOT required:
  • Experience working with storage systems within a compliance framework, e.g. HIPAA, NIST800-171, etc.
  • Work experience in a higher education institution
  • Advanced degree
  • Experience with UNIX/Linux OS kernels
  • Experience with scientific and/or engineering code development
  • Configuration management and automation (e.g. CFEngine, Puppet, Salt, Chef)
  • Experience with request tracking and ticket systems (e.g. Footprints and ServiceNow)
  • Broad understanding of network technologies and security