Orientation schedule has changed! It's now offered every other Tuesday/Thursday.
What: PACE Clusters Orientation
When: 3:00pm - 5:00pm, every other Tuesday/Thursday. Please see the registration link below for exact dates.
Where: Clough Building. Please see the registration link for up to date classroom location.
Registration: Georgia Tech Training
We can only offer 18 seats per session due to space limitations. If you have registered but cannot attend, please contact  Wansley Dennis (via 404-894-2249 or wansley.dennis@orgdev.gatech.edu) to cancel your registration.
Download the slides here:
PDF          : pace_orientation.pdf
Presentation topics covered (an incomplete list):
  • What is PACE?
  • PACE Participation model
  • Using the home, data, and scratch storage
  • Migrating your files to/from PACE managed clusters 
  • Submitting and monitoring jobs (using the scheduler)
  • How to work with batch, interactive and GUI sessions
  • Troubleshooting failed jobs
  • Using software repository via modules
  • Getting help

Format: 120 minutes of presentation

We strongly encourage all of the PACE users to attend at least one of these classes. If you are a new user, then make sure to register for the very next session, since these classes are the most efficient way to bring you up to speed. 

Some sessions may be canceled if the attendance is not enough. If that happens, registered users will be automatically moved to the next session to guarantee a seat (and you wil be notified via email). 
Please contact PACE support (pace-support@oit.gatech.edu) if you have any questions or concerns.
We are hoping to see you there! 


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