Executive Summary

Georgia Tech recognizes that High Performance Computing (HPC) is an important component of our research efforts.  We acknowledge that in order for the work of our world class students, researchers and innovators to have the greatest impact, our HPC environment must be a strong partnership focused on serving faculty needs.  We further recognize that the efficient acquisition, careful deployment, proper maintenance, and thoughtful management of HPC resources are critical to successful utilization by faculty and students.

The senior leadership of Georgia Tech continues to make strategic investments in HPC to better enable research efforts of 
our faculty with an expectation that this investment will help to attract additional research dollars.  Operational efficiencies result from streamlined acquisition and hosting of large computational resources. 

This ongoing investment provides a well supported HPC environment with substantial incentives to encourage faculty participation.  

These resources include:

  • Hosting infrastructure (floor space, power, cooling, racks, etc.)
  • Technical services and support (hardware support, system administration, backup, security, software installation, user support, discounted procurement, quotes, advise, etc.)
  • Hardware (high-performance scratch storage, commodity networking, head node, modular Infiniband fabric, etc.)
  • Software (licenses for common development tools, compilers, middleware, etc.)

There are several ways that faculty can opt to participate, and reap the benefits above (See Participation for further information):

  • Obtain immediate access to a shared pool of existing nodes
  • Augment the shared pool with nodes prioritized for thier use
  • Establish a fully supported cluster of exclusively dedicated nodes that share PACE infrastucture.