Faculty Governance

Faculty Governance Committee

The Faculty Governance Committee decides on larger issues regarding prioritization, allocation of shared resources, and policies that affect the use of the resources as a whole.  These resources include the federated collection of computing hardware, software, network, storage, infrastructure, and personnel which are dedicated to solving large computational problems and which are funded wholly or partially by Institute resources.  The Committee can help to resolve disputes and serve as a high-level advocate for the resource.  They will review and evaluate proposals which request significant access to the shared resources. They work closely with senior Office of Information Technology (OIT) operational staff to guide decisions on technology standards and manage the growth and long-term roadmap of the resource.

The Committee reports to the Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR).  It consists of a Chair appointed by the EVPR, and two faculty members from each of the Colleges of Computing, Engineering, and Sciences as appointed by their respective deans.   Additional members of the Committee include IT directors from colleges that have participating research faculty, and representatives from OIT including the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and the lead manager of the HPC service.  Here is a list of the current Committee members:

Lew Lefton, Director of IT Services, College of Sciences, School of Mathematics

College of Computing:
Richard Fujimoto, Regents' Professor, Chair of School of Computational Science & Engineering
Karsten Schwan, Regents' Professor, Director of Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems

College of Engineering:
Eberhard Voit, David D. Flanagan Chair, School of Biomedical Engineering
Alexander Alexeev, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Didier Contis, Director of IT Services, College of Engineering

College of Sciences:
C. David Sherrill, Professor, Chemistry
Pablo Laguna, Professor, Physics, Director of Center for Relativistic Astrophysics

Neil Bright, Associate Director for Research Cyberinfrastructure

Ex-officio members:
David Bader, Professor, Computational Science & Engineering
Satish Kumar, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Paul Manno, Senior HPC Architect, OIT
P.K. Yeung, Professor, Aerospace Engineering

The Committee meets regularly.  For more information, contact hpc-governance@lists.gatech.edu.

Faculty Resources

PACE is first and foremost a resource for faculty.  Here are some resources that may be useful for potential or active faculty participants in the initiative.  The Faculty Governance Committee is very open to faculty feedback regarding further resources that they would like to have access to.

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