PACE Participation in PEARC23

Several PACE team members attended the Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC23) conference in Portland, Oregon, in July 2023. PACE team members, whether attending or not, made many important contributions to the conference:


Top left: Aaron Jezghani presenting at SEHET (photo by Fang (Cherry) Liu). Top Center: Michael Weiner, 2nd from left, on the CC/ACCESS panel (photo by Ron Rahaman). Top Right: Fang (Cherry) Liu chairing a session (photo by Pam Buffington). Bottom Left: Ron Rahaman presenting about PACE’s software stack management (photo by Pam Buffington). Bottom Center: Ron Rahaman, 2nd from right, with his containerization workshop working group (photo by Ritu Arora, Wayne State University). Bottom Right: Michael Weiner, 2nd from left, in conversation at RCD Nexus Day (photo by Claire Mizumoto, University of California San Diego).

  • Ronald Rahaman presented “Semi-Automatic Hybrid Software Deployment Workflow in a Research Computing Center” by Fang Liu, Ronald Rahaman, Michael Weiner, Eric Coulter, Deepa Phanish, Jeffrey Valdez, Semir Sarajlic, Ruben Lara and Pam Buffington, describing how PACE’s software stack is maintained.
  • Dr. Michael Weiner, a member of the Campus Champions Leadership Team, presented the introduction and organization overview in the “Campus Champions: Sustaining the Community in the ACCESS Era” workshop.
  • Weiner represented the Campus Champions Leadership Team on a panel at a Campus Champions/ACCESS event, discussing the organization and collaboration with ACCESS, the NSF-funded national cyberinfrastructure program.
  • Dr. Fang (Cherry) Liu presented as a panelist in the “HPC System Testing: Code Selection for Acceptance/Regression Testing” Birds of a Feather session.
  • Dr. Aaron Jezghani presented “Multifaceted Approaches for Introducing a Hardware-Thread Migratory Architecture” by Aaron Jezghani, Jeffrey Young, Vedavyas Mallela and Will Powell in the Sixth Workshop on Strategies for Enhancing HPC Education and Training (SEHET23), describing a collaborative effort with the College of Computing and the Center for Research into Novel Compute Hierarchies (CRNCH).
  • “Campus Bridging in the Age of COVID-19” by J. Eric Coulter, Stephen Bird, Resa Reynolds, Winona Snapp-Childs, Tabitha Samuel, and Richard J. Knepper included a PACE author.
Service to PEARC:
  • Liu served as co-chair of the Applications and Software Track of the technical program and led the paper reviewing effort.
  • Liu also chaired paper sessions for the Applications and Software Track throughout the conference, introducing speakers and leading discussions.
  • Dr. Eric Coulter joined the Steering Committee for the PEARC conference series.
  • Dr. Deepa Phanish, Coulter, Jezghani, Rahaman, and Weiner all served as reviewers for submissions to different tracks of the technical program.
Participation in Community Efforts:
  • Rahaman was part of a working group in the "Symposium on Challenges and Opportunities in Containerization of Software and Data Products.”
  • Weiner participated in RCD (Research Computing and Data) Nexus Day’s Workforce Development Track, collaborating with participants from other institutions to develop best practices for onboarding new student and staff employees.
  • Liu participated in RCD Nexus Day’s Capabilities Model Track, discussing how to evaluate software, data, and strategic capabilities of university research computing centers.
  • Weiner and Jezghani served as mentors in the PEARC Student Program, in which PACE student assistant Oghenekome (Kome) Onoyona participated.